Surf Boat Rowing

is an addictive team sport that will get your adrenaline pumping. Boat crews are made up for 4 rowers and one sweep who stands at the rear of the boat and steers. Their aim is to launch the heavy wooden boat out through the surf, row around the course cans and make it back to the beach as quickly as possible. It sounds easy enough, but large swell often sees boats capsizing, rolling over, back shooting and at times standing completely vertical before throwing the crew into the ocean.

Surf Boat Rowing is very much a team sport and the comradery shared between crew members branches out through the whole boat section. Darwin Boaties train together, host several social events throughout the year and compete at Surf Boat Competitions throughout the season.  Becoming a Boatie means adopting a lifestyle which is fun, social and exciting. If this sounds like you then join us today! No experience in rowing is necessary, just be ready to get in shape, meet some awesome people & enjoy the addictive sport of surf boat rowing.

Boaties need to be at least 16 years of age and hold a Bronze Medallion. If you would like to row but don’t have your Bronze we would love to hear from you! DSLSC offers Bronze Courses throughout the season so we can have you out and rowing in no time.