Our Committee

Director and Office Bearer Contact details click here

President: Michelle Taylor

Treasurer: Bob Creek

Director of Lifesaving: Iain Lund

  • Club Captain: Wayno McMahon
  • First Aid: Tom Lechte
  • Radios: TBA
  • IRB: Tom Fiebig
  • ATV: Tom Fiebig

Director of Education: Sharon Stewart

  • Chief Instructor: Bridget Riggs

Director of Coaching and Competition: Sam Creek

  • Surf Boat Captain: Greg Edwards
  • Ski/Board Coach: Frank Brassard
  • Beach Coach: VACANT
  • Officials: Sheree Mitchell
  • Gear & Equipment: Wayno McMahon

Director of Member Development: VACANT

  • Junior/Youth Coordinators: Courtney Wicks & Lauren Gear
  • Seniors/ Masters Coordinator: Wayno McMahon
  • Age Managers: To be appointed at start of season

Director of Administration: VACANT

  • Registrar: Rebecca Thorne (paid position)
  • Public Officer: Bob Creek
  • Sports Administrator: Rebecca Thorne (paid position)
  • Risk Management: Rob Van Wessel

Director of Infrastructure: Rob Van Wessel

  • Caretaker: Steve Krohn

Director of Marketing and Communications: Greg Roberts

  • Media: Greg Roberts
  • Apparel: Trish Bayard
  • Fundraising: VACANT
  • Grants: Stephanie Burton

Director of Social Activities: Michelle Corera

  • Functions: Natasha Chan (paid position)
  • Website: Rebecca Thorne (paid position)
  • Newsletter: Rebecca Thorne (paid position)
  • Licensee: Bob Creek