During the 2021 Fannie Bay Swim Classic our club tragically lost one of our much loved members, Peter Stewart.  

Peter typified the best things about surf lifesaving. He was a patrolling member, he was an active surf sports participant, an active social member and he was a club Committee member who brought new and wise insights to the management of our club.

But it doesn’t stop there, as one of the highlights of the surf community is it’s family orientation and Peter was in the thick of that also, with Sharon also being actively involved and an extremely valuable contributor to the club and their kids have re engaged as the grandkids are now Nippers.

Peter and Sharon were at the helm of 3 generations of active, healthy and community minded Stewart’s enjoying the club together.

The Darwin club members extend their heartfelt condolences to Sharon, Lauren, Courtney, Natalia and their family.

Peter will forever be in our hearts and thoughts.